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My Amsterdam: an insider's guide
I have a snapshot in my head of a peaceful morning I spent in Amsterdam. It was around ten-ish and a bookshop had just opened its doors. The people who worked in the shop were sitting round a table outside having breakfast together. A large, marmalade cat was stretched out on its own chair in the sun. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted over to me and I remember wishing I worked there too. It was all so civilized ... read more


Romantic India : the way of the Maharaja and Maharini
Denise Hummel visits a wonderful series of lavish hotels, for a romantic, anniversary vacation, exploring Delhi, Agra and a selection of the cities of Rajasthan, being pampered all the way.

We’re posting her travels as a four part series. This week, you can read about Delhi and The Imperial, Agra and the Oberoi Amarvilas. Over the next few weeks we’ll post further stages of her itinerary. Look out for Jaipur and the Oberoi Rajvilas, Jodhpur and the Umaid Bhawan Palace and Udaipur and the Taj Lake Palace, until you have the entire itinerary at your disposal. If you're headed to India shortly and are desperate for the full itinerary, EMAIL US and we'll get back to you the short version of the trip for your own follow up. If not, enjoy the anticipation as the mysteries of Rajasthan unfold.

Introduction: Romantic India ... read more

Part 1 Delhi & the Imperial
Part 2 Agra & the Oberoi Amarvilas
Part 3 Jaipur & the Oberoi Rajvilas
Part 4 Jodhpur & the Umaid Bhawan Palace
Part 5 Udaipur & the Taj Lake Palace


My London: an insider's guide
For me, flying into London rekindles the awe I felt as a child, when I watched Peter Pan take off from the nursery ledge and into the sky, trailing a magic carpet of stars around Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It’s that sense of wonderment, that below you exists a city of such immensity and diversity, that you can only ever hope to capture it whole for a few minutes as you wing your way over it. Once on the ground, it would take more than a lifetime to know it completely.

If Paris is ‘The City of Light’ and Rome, ‘The Eternal City’, then London for me is ‘Neverland’. A living, breathing paradox, it is at once ancient and contemporary, frenetic and calm, majestic and self-effacing, proper and downright ‘dodgy’. This must be partly why it is one of the world’s favourite capitals. London offers just about everything ... read more

Delhi to Amsterdam
Just the Planet’s writers and photographers each explore their own personal passions when they discover a city. We invite you to be inspired, as they capture the essence of the place and follow in their footsteps as they share their knowledge of local haunts, some popular and others off-the-beaten track.

Here you will also find features that keep you attuned to world trends. We’ll keep you posted on issues as diverse as what’s happening in the world of first-class travel or budget airlines, and how you can contribute to sustainable tourism post-tsunami. Future issues will bring you the latest on eco-friendly travel and the rising trend of pod hotels.

Latest Travel Features are all in depth articles, thoroughly researched by our writers from personal experience. Each month new features will be added but you will still be able to peruse the Latest Travel Features archive of previous articles, to carry on reading and exploring the world.

Should you have suggestions for our research or ideas that you feel may be relevant to other travellers, please EMAIL US

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Paris match: 21 highlights
It’s virtually impossible not to be seduced by Paris. Of all the places to be in the world it’s my most favourite. I love Paris for many reasons: for its charm, edge, culture, elegance, arrogance and confident beauty. I love Paris because it’s always the same and always surprising. I love Paris because, unlike in other big cities, getting lost on its streets is a thrilling prospect. And I love Paris because spending time here, whether it’s an extended holiday or a quick 36 hours, is always an inspiring lesson in the art of living. The following list is by no means a definitive guide of what to see and do in Paris but is rather an edited down selection of the many distractions in this marvellous city – shopping and cultural – that get me all haute under the collar ... read more