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Juice Bag - Solar Beach Tote
Juice Bag - Solar Beach Tote

TextRobyn Hodson

I’ve just returned from a wonderful, relaxing holiday on board a sailing yacht in the Med. Relaxing that is, until my heart stopped when I heard the ominous ‘tzzz’… followed by ‘battery low’… followed by a raging silence from my camera, iPod AND mobile phone as they all shut down promptly on day three of the trip. Extreme panic. Not docked at marina. No electricity from the port. Eight other people sharing one 12-volt plug horror. Absolute isolation from the outside world. Fade to black ...

Now if I’d done my homework before my trip, I’d have swanned out on deck with my solar-powered beach bag. Sheer genius. Just leave it out in the sun for an hour or two with your gadget plugged in by car adaptor and voila, no more dead batteries. Set enough of these around and you could probably power the whole boat as well… or at the very least the electric cocktail shaker…
Jo Malone In-Flight Travel Bag
Cabin Treats

TextRobyn Hodson

There isn’t a single person I know who can get off a long-haul flight without looking like the crypt-keeper. Not even Victoria Beckham, who is so constantly 'papped' by the 'Razzi' behind sunglasses of such a staggering size, it’s glaringly obvious she didn’t pack her Jo Malone.

The Jo Malone In-Flight Travel Bag has everything you need to melt away that decade you appear to acquire overnight, even in first class. We love the line-up: Ginseng Day Moisturising Cream 7ml; Green Tea & Honey Eye Cream 3ml; Protein Skin Serum 5ml; Rosemary & Lavender Skin Tonic 30ml; Avocado Cleansing Milk 30ml; Vitamin E Gel 3ml; Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Lotion 30ml; Grapefruit Cologne 9ml.

Packed neatly into a compact cream or black travel bag and with everything the correct size for security check-in, this luscious little travel companion is the perfect accoutrement to go with your Gaultier travel stockings, Chanel eye mask and essence of khakibos travel pillow …
S-Boston pocket hand warmer
Winter Warmer

TextRobyn Hodson

I have a vivid memory of the morning I was due to hike the Inca Trail. I realized I was hopelessly under-kitted for the chilly trek ahead and thus had to buy some ‘local’ woollen accessories to bulk up from the market. It wasn’t pretty. Trying to impress a new boyfriend, whilst looking like a llama’s less attractive, older sister is never the way forward. If only I’d known about this dinky hand pocket warmer from S-Boston.

It’s small, sexy and made of lightweight aluminium. It’s also battery run, self igniting and as there’s no exposed flame it can’t blow you up if you mistakenly put it in the same pocket as your hip flask of scotch. One full tank of lighter fluid provides hands (or wherever else you’d care to put it) with 25-30 hours of heat up to 70°C ...
Moleskine NotebooksMoleskine City NotebooksMoleskine Maps

TextMandy Allen

All design-savvy travellers list Moleskine notebooks and diaries among the objects that they’d never leave home without. New to the collection are Moleskine City Notebooks – compact guidebooks with a special coloured section listing sights, tips for getting around, street, zone and metro maps and everything else visitors – or locals for that matter – might need for navigating the city with ease. Blank pages allow you to record your thoughts, adhesive labels and a tabbed archive allow you to customise the notebook to your specifications and, rather ingeniously, twelve translucent sticky sheets have been incorporated so you can trace your route as you go. At the moment Twenty-two European and American cities are covered including London, Paris, Rome and Dublin, with several North American cities (including New York, San Francisco, Montreal and Seattle).
Eighteen new City Notebooks are due this year, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo and Vancouver.

The White Company to Jo Malone
Sundreamer - Sand Pillow
Sundreamer Sand-filled pillow

TextRobyn Hodson

How does one EVER actually get comfortable on the beach, especially when trying to read a book? Really, think about it. You can’t lie on your stomach unless you have internal organs of steel. Where do your arms go when you’re lying on your back? Not even Stallone can hold his arms over his face that long, even if he’s reading something as light as Grazia. On your side? Only possible if you have one arm and a bionic neck.

Introducing the sand-filled pillow: a colourful and comfortable pillow made of neoprene, which you fill up with sand. It folds up and fits tidily into your beach bag when you leave the beach so you can bring one for your head, one for your sore back, the other to prop up the book ... aaaaahhh!
The White Company, white waffle robe
Bathroom Bliss

TextRobyn Hodson

This sensational Waffle Bathrobe by The White Company is so lightweight, you won’t even notice that you’ve accidentally packed it into your bag after a fabulous stay at a castle in Galway… and then taken it home. Yes, it happened to me (the shame) but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Once you’ve slipped into the pure cotton comfort of this robe, you won’t want to take it off… even in balmy weather, where it’s been cleverly designed to prevent perspiration. It’s proven a hit with both men and women… and I’ve even noticed it being eyed up by the cat ...
Schiphol Airport, Netherlands, Escalator

TextMandy Allen

If there’s one airport we don’t mind being delayed at it’s Schiphol. The well-stocked newsagents have a brilliant selection of international magazines and the delis and duty free outlets provide excellent shopping opportunities (you’ll find brands from Oilily to Prada). Must-haves on your shopping list: clogs (so kitsch they’re cool); tulips from Amsterdam (the bulbs have the official stamp of approval so you won’t encounter hassles from customs); Miffy merchandise (illustrator Dick Bruna’s famous little white cartoon rabbit is to the Netherlands what Mickey Mouse is to the Americans, but eminently more stylish); stroopwaffels (waffle-style biscuits) and drops (liquorice) – snacks simply don’t get more Dutch than this. Also visit the Rijksmuseum Schiphol. Entry is free and the space has ten permanent works by the Dutch masters of the Golden Age from the Rijksmuseum’s collection. There are also ongoing temporary exhibitions that change several times a year. A shop sells art-related souvenirs. Finally, use your last few Euros to have a massage from one of several wellness points located throughout the airport.

TextMandy Allen

The StyleCity series from publishers Thames & Hudson has revolutionized the travel guide and this is the ultimate, beautifully designed companion to the world’s most exciting cities. The books provide an altogether more stylish option for those in search of the hotels, shopping, eating, cultural and social highlights of their chosen destinations, plus discreet hideaways and information for getting around. Look out for the words ‘New Edition’ on the spine of specific titles so you know you’re getting up-to-the-minute information. Leave it on your coffee table on your return for a chic reminder of the trip.

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