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Exeter Leadwood Lodge, South Africa

an intriguing series of planes, steps and levels

Leadwood Lodge boasts a tactile blend of boldly expressed and contrasted materials: crushed stone, raw cement, dark meranti wood, rough granite and glass more
The Outpost, South Africa

a powerfully modern composition

Thoroughly contemporary in nature, The Outpost writes its own definition of the 21st century safari lodge vernacular. Its architecture and interior design reinterpret the sophistication of a cosmopolitan boutique hotel and sympathetically transplant this into an untamed and remote setting more
Singita Sweni, South Africa

cool luxurious serenity

Singita Sweni was designed with ecological principles in mind. Glass cubes ensconced in nests of woven latte branches are merely temporary structures, allowing visitors to bear silent witness to and connect with the untamed environment outside more
Phinda Getty House, South Africa

reminiscent of a classic South African farmhouse

The choice of sandstone as the main material, in combination with the subtlety of the colour palette and careful management of pattern, texture and detailing, allows Phinda Getty House to strike a well-balanced dialogue with its environment more
Singita Ebony, South Africa

heritage interiors in rich jewel colours

Though intentionally rooted in the past, Singita Ebony is also firmly connected to the present due to a focus on contemporary conveniences and a philosophy of making guests feel as if they have entered a home from home — albeit a distinctly glamorous and undeniably luxurious one more
Lion Sands Ivory Lodge, South Africa

gently embracing the lay of the land

Both the architectural and interior-design language here speak of balance: a pleasing accord between tradition and modernity, ebony and ivory, solidity and lightness, simplicity and sophistication more
Hunter's Marataba, South Africa

a meeting of ancient and contemporary African styles

Privately owned by the Hunter family, Hunter’s Marataba is rich with allusions to an African past and invites guests on a journey of the imagination. Stonemasonry is evocative of a great, long-lost civilization, spears and prehistoric currencies reference ancient traders, and iron and bronze artefacts pay homage to the artistry of the continent’s craftspeople ... read more
Madikwe Safari Lodge, South Africa

replete with a rustic-hideaway quality

The organic and earthy design vernacular of Madikwe Safari Lodge serves as an entirely appropriate setting from which to feel – and answer – the call of the wild ... read more
Ngala Tented Camp, South Africa

a sophisticated update on the tented-safari concept

Here the quirky interior design makes little attempt to reflect the natural landscape. Instead, all the obvious clichés have been avoided without forfeiting comfort, luxury or the tented-safari experience in any waye ... read more
Singita Boulders, Kruger Park, South Africa

etched into the landscape

Singita Boulders’ strong visual impact is largely a product of its rough-edged circular forms and interiors that maintain the earthy spirit of the architecture. This is design evolution made tangible. ... read more
Singita Lebombo, Kruger Park, South Africa

diaphanous architectural sensibilities

Singita Lebombo takes its cues from nature’s finest engineers through a design concept inspired by the position and structure of nests, dens, eyries and lairs ... read more


About 15 years ago there was a rumbling in the bushveld. Stylists and photographers from glossy lifestyle magazines were disappearing for days at a time to capture the transformation of camps from basic lodgings into luxuriously stylish retreats, the perfect setting for a luxury African safari. Years later, photographer Craig Fraser teamed up with writer Mandy Allen to distill this competitive business into a book called The New Safari: Design/Décor/Detail.

Read more about Craig Fraser, the personality behind the lens and writer Mandy Allen ... Click Here

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Jack’s Camp, Botswana

authentic African colonial elegance

Though replete with luxury and comfort, Jack’s Camp is not a bush hotel. In both its atmosphere and decoration it holds true to the old-fashioned glamour of the safaris of the 1920s, reflecting a classic sense of style that is romantic, bohemian, suffused with history and sufficiently robust to stand up to the savage beauty of what lies beyond the tent flaps more
Sandibe Safari Lodge, Botswana

organic architecture that evokes the living forest

Sandibe’s earthy design communicates an easy relationship with nature, blending effortlessly with the thick reed beds and towering trees of the immediate surroundings while also providing for three of the most important luxury safari requirements: privacy, security and comfort more
Planet Baobab, Botswana

the welcoming bustle of a roadside pit stop

In a universe of safari lodges and bush camps with their refined decor schemes and demure palettes, Planet Baobab presents an entirely different proposition – a delightful Technicolor collision of ethnic pattern, traditional architecture and graphic African imagerye ... read more
Vumbura Plains, Botswana

an overiding sense of calm

The designers of Vumbura Plains Camp have gone beyond the traditional African vernacular to create a place of simplicity and restraint in which guests are inspired to meditate on the wonders of naturee ... read more

Wolwedans, Namibia

austere beauty and utter seclusion

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, perched on top of a dune plateau, and Wolwedans Private Camp, set in the hushed seclusion of a valley, have both been guided by the aesthetic principles of simplicity, utilitarianism and unparalleled contact with the elements more
Little Kulala, Namibia

earthy style with romantic and contemporary elements

From its slightly elevated position, Little Kulala discreetly observes the ebb and flow of life in Sossusvlei’s sea of dunes and sand, its organic character and rustic design wholly congruous with its remarkable surroundingse ... read more