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If there’s one thing I’d rather not do it’s talk (in this case write) about myself. But let’s try. I’ve worked as an editor, deputy editor and features editor in the South African magazine industry for over ten years now with a focus on decor, interiors and lifestyle. Doing that has allowed me to fuel my passion for everything I love: design, architecture, beautiful stuff, interesting spaces, fashion, food, gardens, travel, technology, trends, culture. You get the idea. While I’m an incorrigible homebody (Taurean, what can you do?) I do give into my wanderlust quite regularly. My destinations of choice are – more often than not – big cities, though I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional rural idyll. As long as there’s no dirt, no two-man tents or general roughing it involved I’m usually okay. Although before you get the wrong idea I will say that I definitely appreciate the wild and woolly side of nature, as long as I know a hot bath and soft bed are waiting for me on the other side.

Believe it or not, I still find being in airports exciting. My take is that they’re these incredibly interesting conduits to far-away places, where people from all cultures and walks of life cross over momentarily. Being in one means that your voyage, whether business or pleasure, is underway and that spells out new experiences, new sights, new people. Airports are also cheering beacons that signal you’re home (in my case, Cape Town). And the better ones are also places to offload your spare foreign currency on things like hard-to-come-by magazines, chocolates and quirky knick-knacks (I’m thinking Schiphol specifically, but Zurich’s good too).

As far as destinations go my affections are split almost equally between Paris, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, New York and London, though the City of Light wins beret down every time. Botswana is absolutely magical – nothing beats getting caught in an early evening thunderstorm while out on the plains a good hour-and-a-half away from base camp. Highlighted on my wish list: Tokyo, Kyoto, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Mexico City, Patagonia and Sao Paolo. I’d also love to see India and China for their colour and contrasts.

This year has brought lots of change, most notably a freelance career (if you’re thinking about it, occasional bouts of cabin fever and hours looking up obscure things on You Tube is totally normal) and a darling puppy, Toby. On my desk right now, among the pile of favourite magazines - Vogue, Inside Out, Elle Decoration, Wallpaper - and dictionaries and Muji pens (an obsession), is the fourth edition of The South African Pet-Friendly Directory. My husband and I are thinking of holidaying closer to home now that we’re proud parents of our hairy little bundle of joy and there are a surprising number of pet-friendly guest houses and destinations in the country. Although I wonder what it would take to get Toby a passport for Paris. I just know he’ll love it there. And how cute would he look in a little striped Gaultier scarf and some Chanel ankle cuffs…

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